November’s Alignment, a Libra New Moon

Happy Libra New Moon!

The time just keeps speeding up. These monthly alignment posts feel as though they’re becoming closer together. My pregnancy seems to be flying by. There’s so many changes and new developments constantly unfolding in my life these days that I don’t have much time to watch them happen anymore. I’ve surrendered myself to the flow of life and it’s a wonderful feeling. Trusting the universe to pull you along effortlessly from one thing to the next, placing you exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there. Allowing the momentum to grow.

There’s no doubt our world is moving at an ever increasing pace as well. Everything around us is changing and we can see it unfolding as though the new history books are being written in the air before us. It’s easy to be afraid, to get lost in the fear and hate. I find myself drowning in it more often than I’d like. But trust that this is the process of innovation and birth. Like a phoenix, there must be ashes for us to be reborn; better, stronger and more aligned with the compassionate nature that is the true-ness of our collective consciousness.

This month’s new moon is leading with Libra. The sign who’s charming essence speaks of truth and fairness. Something we’re all fighting for right now. This Libra new moon will help us right wrongs, speak and stand for our beliefs and create more balance in our lives and world. In the kindest and most charming of ways. It’s here to help everyone.

Libra keywords:

  • Fair
  • Kind
  • Charming
  • Ambitious
  • Modest
  • Thoughtful
  • Tactful
  • Diplomatic
  • Balanced
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • House: 7th (relationships, love, commitment)
  • When I made up the affirmations for this month’s Instagram feed, I unintentionally ended up syncing them with a Libra vibe, all about living in fairness, compassion, heart centeredness and intellect. It’s funny how when you begin aligning yourself to the world around you, your inner being catches on and begins to do it automatically.

    Close your eyes and connect to Libra by finding your inner truth of right and wrong. Know that many of our beliefs may be false. Stationed there by society and those who have influenced us in life. Ask your higher self and guides to direct you toward your own truth and away from those that have been falsely imposed on you by others.

    • Are there inconsistencies in your life where your thoughts/words/actions don’t align with your true self?
    • Are you standing up for what you believe in to your very core?
    • Are these beliefs based on your own informed knowledge and not simply the opinions of others?
    • Is there an area you have been unfair or unkind to others?
    • How can you live more heart centered?

    And of course, this cycle kicks off THE month of gratitude so let’s throw some of those into our monthly intention ritual as well!

    My Intentions for November

    I intend that I speak and act only through heart centered kindness and compassion.

    I intend that I spread my truth unapologetically.

    I intend that I am not only opinionated but well informed on the subjects I choose to engage in.

    I intend that my beliefs are my own and not influenced by anyone or anything other than pure truth.

    I intend that all false beliefs are released from my body, mind, soul and life.

    I intend that I create some thorough zero waste Christmas plans.

    I intend that I rest, align and center myself.

    I intend that I allow stress to flow through me, smoothly and effortlessly leaving me without becoming caught within me.

    I intend that I have no overwhelm, only peaceful allowance.

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    I hold space between myself and the negativity of others.

    My voice matters.

    I hold strong to my own personal values.

    I stand for what is right.


    I am so thankful for my wonderful and helpful son and husband.

    I am so thankful for the well being of everyone in my life.

    I am so thankful for the abundance of time I have to accomplish all of the things I need and desire.

    I am so thankful for the increasing flow of abundance and ease in our lives.

    My Reflections of October

    I intend that I focus more on meditation for my own health & the health of my child.

    I have done really well with this. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps, exploring my options on guided ones and my doula has sent me a few that she likes but mostly I’ve found that I often prefer simply to sit in silence with my own thoughts. Listening to someone is sometimes good too though.

    I intend that I keep up the momentum of my GBS remedying goals.

    I’ve done so well with this that I’ve lost any attatchment to why I was doing it. It’s simply became part of my daily and weekly self care routines. Recently, I panicked a little because I remembered my “why” and thought I had been slacking, only to realize I was doing it on auto pilot. It’s wonderful how these things work when they’re in true alignment.

    I intend that I explore collaboration opportunities to better serve my audience and world.

    I have began to explore tons of collaborations! You may have noticed a few in my posts and emails as I’ve teamed up with MindBodyGreen to bring you their awesome life changing courses! There are others in the works in the background of things waiting to be announced so just stay tuned!

    I intend that I get really into the spirit of the holidays with my son.

    We went to the pumpkin patch! I’ve been looking around for some at least semi zero waste crafts for us to do but can’t find a whole lot. I’ve introduced him to a bunch of Halloween movies though and can’t wait to show him some more! If you have anything to suggest doing with a 2 year old in the spirit of the season please let me know in the comments below!

    I intend that I formulate some plans that extend further into the future.

    I’ve been working on my zero waste Christmas lists and plans for my family as well as continuously revamping my birth plan with my doula. I’ve got some plans extending at least a couple of months into the future for you guys to, including essential oils, zero waste living and natural diy products. Sound exciting? Let me know!

    I intend that I start organizing the holidays in Trello(af) for optimal zero waste & sustainability.

    I’ve mentioned this several times above already haha, I’m oh so super excited about it! I really wanna share it all with you but don’t want my family to see what they’re getting so we’ll have to go through it all together after the holidays and keep it as reference for Holidays to come! (You can always email me at if you wanna discuss it though!)


    I bring my visions into reality through trust.

    October’s Recap:

    Tell us your intentions for October in the comments below!

    Together, we have the energy to bring them into being!

    Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

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