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I’m one of those people who believe “there’s a tea for that” so my natural medicine cabinet contains a large portion of teas. There’s several in there that I use on a rare occasion like “Breathe Deep” and “Roasted Dandelion Detox”, special blends by Yogi. They’re not my favorite but I keep them on hand in case I need them. 

There are several though that I use on a regular basis. I believe in being proactive instead of reactive in our health care and teas are a great way to keep us hydrated, give us an immunity boost and simply make a great healthy alternative to sodas (if you’re trying to kick that habit(af) and a flavored alternative to water!

*Disclaimer: I am in no way a certified nutritionist. I am completely self taught in natural health and wellness. Always do your own research. + I’m not allowed to tell you that essential oils or anything of the such treat or cure anything. Therefore, the following information is only my opinion. Always consult your healthcare provider.*


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory which means it can help in various ailments. Inflammation(af) is a major cause of many illnesses and problems. Since everything we eat is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory, turmeric can really help in balancing things out when we’ve ingested a disproportionate amount of the bad stuff.

Many people and cultures highly recommend a daily dose of turmeric to keep your body in healthy flow and alignment.

I like to take my turmeric in tea form. But I’ve also been known to make up some turmeric paste (recipe below) and eat a spoon full a day.

Turmeric is a strong tasting spice. I’ve always thought it tasted straight up like a camp fire. So many people like to make golden tea out of it which is a warm, cozy and wonderfully tasting drink. It will help ward off any sickness as well as help with a cough and speed recovery time if you do fall victim to a bug. Not to mention it’s also a great tasting hot beverage for cold, wet days. I love me a hot beverage.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf tea has come and gone in my life several times. It’s been known to have benefits surrounding the uterus, such as strengthening it, which means it helps in PMS and pregnancy.

I’m lucky enough to have never had any problems with PMS so I only drink this medicinal tea when I’m pregnant. It can help with strengthening the uterus to provide more efficient contractions during labor. I totally credit it with making my first labor quick and easy and I’ve been drinking it since day one of this pregnancy in hopes of creating the same effect!

If you’re expecting, try some prenatal yoga(af) which thoroughly helped me manage my 1st pregnancy which was filled with aches and pains!


This medicinal tea is widely known for it’s calming properties, making it the go to drink of those suffering from insomnia. It can also help in calming anxiety as well.


Ginger is a great medicinal tea for the digestive tract. It can aid digestion in all of us, reducing uncomfortable side effects such as indigestion and acid reflux. It can also aid nausea, especially that which is caused by pregnancy! It has a good spice to it as well if you’re looking for a change from the mild tastes of other teas. 


This medicinal tea is known wide and far for aiding metabolism. Making it a widely used drink of choice for those looking to lose weight(af). It also has great detoxing properties, which means it’s healthy for any and all of us. 


Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves. It’s a great pick me up and can be used as an alternative for those wishing to ditch coffee since It doesn’t leave you with the jitters like coffee can. Especially for those suffering from anxiety.(af)

It’s also a powerful antioxidant which makes it a perfect self care habit to incorporate into your daily routine. You can also use it in baking! Which I haven’t tried as of yet (I’m not a huge fan of cooking) but I’ve heard great things about!

You can mix it with hot water and drink or make a latte out of it (my personal favorite)! Simply warm a cup of milk (I use coconut) and mix it in! Add honey & vanilla if you like for a sweet treat!

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*Never give raw honey to babies under 1*

I use honey as a sweetener for my teas as you ideally want to stay away from all processed and artificial sugar. Honey adds some extra benefits as well since raw honey (always choose raw, unpasteurized) has vitamins, nutrients, immunity boosting abilities and when harvested locally, can aid in allergy relief! Nature provides all we need!

What teas do you enjoy?! Tell us in the comments below!

Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

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