December’s Alignment; a Scorpio New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

Happy Scorpio New Moon!

I can feel a shift in my life. One that I can’t quite pinpoint or explain. A feeling of wholeness, no doubt correlating with the closely approaching arrival of our little wildflower. A feeling of falling into place. Of alignment and peace. I can feel this not only in that which I can touch, but in the energy of the world.

I know these words seem doubtful. Alignment and peace in the world? Not this world. In fact, things seem to be increasing in chaos. Each day more disgrace, more division and upheaval. Let us remember, though, the story of the phoenix and how it is born from the ashes. There can not be calm without the chaos. We can not rebuild without breaking down what already is.

Last month’s Libra new moon led us to look at how we can help others, with this new moon in Scorpio (as well as a Mercury retrograde we have to look forward to), we may see more of this crumbling. It is not to be feared, as it is just truth coming to light. Scorpio’s raw energy doesn’t sugar coat anything for us but rather prepares us for a transformation. It’s intense and intuitive connection helps us to find alignment where we need it. Pin pointing what needs work, what needs change and what all together needs letting go of.

Use it to connect to the curiosities; Your spirit, the universe, your guides and source. Ask for signs and be prepared to receive them. Find ritual and energy work in your life. Be amazed at the mysterious world we live in. Allow yourself to be more attuned to it and all the energy it holds.

Scorpio keywords:

  • Mysterious
  • Raw
  • Passionate
  • Erotic
  • Transformative
  • Intuitive
  • Planet: Pluto (or Mars)
  • Element: Water
  • House: 8th (Death and Rebirth/ Sexuality and Transformation)

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and reflect on yourself, life, relationships and everything else that makes up your world. Connect to your third eye, open this chakra. Invite divine knowledge into your knowing. Allow it to guide you as you surrender yourself to it. You don’t need reasons or explanations. Feelings and inklings from your guts, from your spirit are enough.

  • Is there anything you’re feeling drawn to?
  • Anything that brings itself to your thoughts without your intentions of it doing so?
  • What stands out?
  • Does something need releasing?
  • Does something require some sort of transformation?
  • Is there some where you need to connect more to source and spirit?

Don’t think too hard or too much into it. Allow it to simply flow to you. Allow yourself to trust what you’re being told, what you’re feeling. This is your power and it is true. Trust yourself and where you’re being guided.

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde from December 3rd to December 23rd. Meaning, it will appear to move backwards. During this time, that which Mercury rules seems to go haywire. Mercury is the messenger, ruling:

  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Thoughts

During Mercury Retrograde you might want to avoid making any major decisions such as big purchases, signing contracts, relationship or appearance changes, ANYTHING that you really need to go well. Set aside extra time when traveling, backup anything on your devices just to be safe. Basically just use extra precautions on everything and allow flexibility in all things you do. Now’s the time to say yes to the insurance and double check everything you do and say.

It’ll probably make for an interesting shopping season for us all. Keep all of this in mind while setting your intentions. I’ve already been suffering from severe pregnancy brain so this Mercury Retrograde is sure to add some extra “fun” into my life. From here on out, it’s probably best that I be slowing down even more in preparation for our little wildflower’s arrival.

My Intentions for December

I intend that I allow flexibility into my life.

I intend that I release the need for control.

I intend that I relax and engulf myself in peace and calm.

I intend that my shopping be done easily and effortlessly.

I intend that I stay in tune with my higher self.

I intend that the holidays go by effortlessly and happily, full of love and togetherness.

I intend that I focus on caring for myself and my unborn child.


I am at peace, calmly riding the ups and downs of life, trusting myself and the universe in the journey.

My Reflections of November

I intend that I speak and act only through heart centered kindness and compassion.

I intend that I spread my truth unapologetically.

I intend that I am not only opinionated but well informed on the subjects I choose to engage in.

I intend that my beliefs are my own and not influenced by anyone or anything other than pure truth.

I intend that all false beliefs are released from my body, mind, soul and life.

I intend that I create some thorough zero waste Christmas plans.

I intend that I rest, align and center myself.

I intend that I allow stress to flow through me, smoothly and effortlessly leaving me without becoming caught within me.

I intend that I have no overwhelm, only peaceful allowance.

Most of the above intentions are pretty general inner work type things that I can’t really say “Yes! I accomplished this with flying colors!”. They’re more of gradual works in progress. I am working on them though and I am making and seeing progress!

In a nut shell though, I did create some zero waste Christmas plans and even contributed to a blog post or two about them on another platform (which hasn’t been published yet but I’ll make sure you see them if you sign up below with your email). I also started my zero waste Christmas shopping which mainly consists of diy things and 2nd hand items.


I hold space between myself and the negativity of others.

My voice matters.

I hold strong to my own personal values.

I stand for what is right.

(All of these are Throat Chakra Affirmations btw)


I am so thankful for my wonderful and helpful son and husband.

I am so thankful for the well being of everyone in my life.

I am so thankful for the abundance of time I have to accomplish all of the things I need and desire.

I am so thankful for the increasing flow of abundance and ease in our lives.

November’s Recap:

Tell us your intentions for December in the comments below!

Together, we have the energy to bring them into being!

Best Vibes Always, S.S.Blake

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